Monday, April 16, 2018

17-18 Week 27

This week was all about STEAM! Every grade worked hard to finish up their Earth Day art projects!
PPES STEM Lab 201718 wk27 from Boyce Teacher on Vimeo.
Our UIL team competed this weekend also! See them HERE
Things are all coming together for next week’s big celebration! There was so much going on between STAAR and 3 grades having field trips, but students accomplished great things!
Lower grades worked with OSMO on solving coding, word, number, and spatial reasoning challenges and learned to program the Bee Bots. They then created their own mats to share with the rest of the class. Kinder also enjoyed a puzzle day!
Upper grades created their own BrainPOP accounts and learned to use the Make-A-Map, Make-A-Movie, Sortify, and Snap Thoughts features. We also celebrated several graduations and learned about the power and beauty of mistakes through an art activity. 
Students were thrilled to work in Scratch this week! 1st and 2nd started experimenting with the tips lessons and 3-5 created Earth Day PSAs.
Kinder and 1st grade are adding the finishing touches to their display, and 2nd grade made the pieces for their project – it just needs final assembly and mounting!3rd grade finished their library mural of reused damaged library book and magazine butterflies. 4th grade is making incredible progress on their reused plastic bottle garland, and 5th grade has almost finished their 3rd reused plastic cap mural.

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