No Place for Hate

2017-18 No Place For Hate

I am Unique - 4/23/ 2018

We Love Piney Point - A Hug for Your School 2/14/2018

Resolution of Respect 9/25/2017

Kick-Off 9/21/2017 International Day of Peace

For our 6th annual launch event we selected a  book share. Our 4th grade coalition members selected two books; Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes  was chosen for Pre-K - 2nd grade and Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman was picked for 3rd - 5th grades. Both of the stories share an important part of the No Place For Hate Message. Chrysanthemum teaches us to be grateful for the things that make us unique - like our names, and to never tease people for their differences. Amazing Grace learns that other people may try to impose limits on her, but that she should stay true to her dreams and sense of self. She discovers that these barriers are a product of ignorance and that they can be torn down by perseverance. She can clear those obstacles for herself and others who will come after her.

2016-17 No Place For Hate

Kick-Off - International Day of Peace

Every year we launch our No Place For Hate program on the International Day of Peace. This year's event was called, "Be a Piece of the Peace". The idea for a collaborative mural was inspired by a project at the Dallas Museum of Art and the work of artist Robert Silvers.

Piney Point No Place For Hate 1 from Kimberly Boyce-Quentin on Vimeo.

Our No Place For Hate student coalition organized, and managed the whole event! We are so proud of our 4th grade leaders for their outstanding work! They visited every classroom on campus and distributed envelopes full of little squares. They asked every student and staff member to write a word that symbolized peace, love, and respect and then draw an image that represented that idea in shades of one color.
They collected and sorted all the pieces and assembled them into the coalition's vision of a world without hate!

Resolution of Respect - Election Day 2016

Piney Point Is GREAT Because It's No Place For Hate - Video Project

Peace Rocks! - Earth Day 2017 - Walk the Path of Peace

Our Commitment

Piney Point is proud to be an ADL No Place for Hate campus for the 4th year. The program is designed to promote inclusive school communities and raise awareness of the problems caused by bigotry. We rejoice in our richly diverse student body! Every Panther is unique and should feel that their contributions are valued.
We introduce new programs and events every year to reinvigorate our campus commitment to tolerance and respect for individual differences.

Special Events 2015-16:

International Day of Peace
This year's kickoff celebration was organized and managed by Ms. Giron & Ms. Aguilera's 4th grade G/T class. They started with the story of Sadako. They decided to create peace pledges and to hang 1000 origami cranes for the school.
They extended the project when they discovered the Peace Crane Project - an entity that matches schools around the world to share art projects. We set up an exchange with schools overseas and began collecting paper. As an Eco-School we try to reuse and reduce our material consumption whenever possible! Students practiced their origami and drafted model peace pledges.
The entire campus was invited to participate, and 1283 peace pledges were written and folded into cranes! The cranes were then strung together and left up on display for the rest of the day!

Resolution of Respect 

This is an annual school-wide event. Each year, every single member of our campus community is asked to take the time to read through the Resolution of Respect and signify their willingness to abide by its principles.

We had 100% again for 2015-16!

Reading Buddies
Upper grade students visited lower grade classes to read one-on-one. The students shared books that had a social focus and dealt with topics such as bullying, kindness, self-respect, respect for others, and socially acceptable behavior. This was an opportunity for our 4th and 5th grade leaders to share what they have learned from their own life experiences as well as their academic skills. Primary students enjoyed working with "big kids" and felt freer to ask questions about rules and the reasons behind policies.

Lunch Buddies
This program pairs upper elementary students with primary students. The older children serve as mentors to their "buddies". They physically assist them at lunch, answer questions, advise them and act as role models. This provides obvious, material benefits to the younger children, but is equally valuable to the mentors! They are given an authentic opportunity for leadership and the exercise of responsibility.