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Piney Point is committed to providing a comprehensive learning experience. This includes bringing extraordinary arts programming to our campus and partnerships that bring professional artists into the classroom for authentic arts integration.
This year we have partnered with Arts Connect to help realize our goal of world-class arts education and exposure for all of our 1200+ students.

2018-19 Partnerships:

Alley Theatre 

Oskar and the Big Bully Battle 10/22/2018

 Oskar and the Curiously Colorful Clash 2/20/2019

Da Camera 

5th Grade - Friendly Debate

5th G/T - Simple Drum Song
4th Grade - I Am Jam
4th G/T Decoding Spirituals
3rd Grade - Science of Sound
3rd G/T - Performing Under Pressure
2nd Grade - Landfill Harmonic
2nd G/T - Harp Trio/ Social Roles
1st Grade - Butterfly Ballet
1st G/T - Greek Odes
   *See last year's 1st grade Greek Odes/ Monarch Hero poetry anthology read aloud by the authors HERE
Kinder - Great Train Race
(Music Encounter classroom workshops for every classroom K-5)

Houston Ballet 

Dance to Learn
A math through movement workshop with Ms. Massey's 3rd grade. This opportunity, awarded to the school by Houston Ballet, is a residency taught by dance and movement coaches fromthe Academy. Our teaching artist, Ms. Valerie, visited the third graders six times and they explored math content by expressing patterns, geometric attributes, and numeracy ideas through physical movement. Students had an incredible time and came away from the experience with a much deeper and more concrete understanding of some abstract mathematical concepts.

Studio Series
A field trip to Houston Ballet Academy for all 3rd grade classes  
10/10/2018 - Dance in Texas

The third grade LOVED this field trip; this was an engaging and unique way to explore the history objectives! Social Studies truly "came alive" as student reviewed the story of how Texas came to be it's 21st century self from it's beginnings as an Eocene era ocean all told via music and dance. 

3rd grade had a fantastic time being treated to a survey of Texas history through music and dance by the up and coming artists of HBII and the academy!

Houston Grand Opera

HGO to Go - Cinderella in Spain

Storybook Opera
We were thrilled to welcome back Ms. Sandra Campbell! This year Pre-K - 1st grade was enchanted by her rendition of Tess Weaver's Opera Cat!

Main Street Theater

5th grade STEM to STEAM - science play-writing workshop - COMING SOON
3rd grade Poetry/ oratory workshop - COMING SOON
2nd grade story telling workshop - COMING SOON

Met Dance

4th grade dance/ writing residency - IN PROGRESS!

2017-18 Programs

In 2017-18 we will partner with nine of Houston's most exceptional performing arts organizations this year:

Alley Theatre - Two whole school performances

Oskar and the Last Straw
This hilarious romp was a huge hit with Pre-K through 5th, teachers, and administrators! Students rolled in the aisles and also walked away with valuable information about how to handle stress and what to do when it is all just too much!

Oskar vs Thingamabob

Da Camera - classroom Music Encounters for grades K-3

I am Jam

Greek Odes

Butterfly Ballet - 1st Grade Music Encounters

Landfill Harmonic

Da Camera Landfill Harmonic Music Encounter at PPES from Boyce Teacher on Vimeo.

Investigative Reporter

Express Children's Theater - Performance of Freedom Train

Houston Ballet - studio visit for 3rd and 5th grade classes

Students (and teachers!) were thrilled to meet Houston legend Lauren Anderson and enjoyed a high energy swing, rumba, and twist through the history of dance. Students were as fascinated by the living timeline and amazed to learn that the dancers were students from all over the world.

Dance to Learn

We were thrilled to be granted this very special opportunity for our students - a teacher from the Houston Ballet Academy came to lead 6 math and science lessons taught via the medium of movement! Students explored concepts as diverse as attributes of geometric solids, the transfer of energy via food chains, and more with Ms. Brittany Bass. We are so grateful for this experience.

Houston Grand Opera -

StoryBook Opera for K-2
All our K-2nd students (and teachers) are primed to be lifetime opera lovers in the wake of these enchanting performances! Ms. Campbell performed Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes and Muncha, Muncha, Muncha by Candace Flemming.

Storybook Opera from Boyce Teacher on Vimeo.

Opera to Go
HGO returned to Piney point to finish complete their conquest of Panther hearts and minds! All students K-5 loved the performance of Monkey and Francine in the City of Tigers
Monkey and Francine at PPES from Boyce Teacher on Vimeo.

Interactive Theater - History of Texas in 45 Minutes

Main Street Theater - artist in residence with 5th grade

Session 1 - Ms. Purvey, Ms. Mulry, and Ms. Moreno's classes

Mercury - performance for whole school

MET Dance - artist in residence with 4th grade and whole school performance

See highlights from session 1 with 4th grade:

MET Dance partnership - session 1 from Kimberly Boyce-Quentin on Vimeo.

Scenes from the school-wide performances

Theater Under the Stars -  artist in residence with 3rd grade

Young Audiences - Jean Kuecher -puppetry performances:

 Favorite Stories & Sleeping Beauty and the Handsome Prince

Jean Kuecher's Sleeping Beauty at Piney Point from Boyce Teacher on Vimeo.

David Zucker - Poetry in Motion These partnerships will bring a wide range of music, dance, and dramatic performance to our campus and actually into the classroom! All students from Kindergarten - 5th grade will  have visiting artists from one or more of these organizations collaborating with their teachers in the classroom creating their own unique performance piece built on their math or science curriculum.

Watch this space for updates, images, and video clips! We cannot wait to see the creative genius of our students take center stage!

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