Monday, November 28, 2016

Fabulous Week 14!

This week was short, but fantastic! The whole ancillary team worked together to support several of our school-wide initiatives, such as NWF Eco-Schools, Marathon Kids, and Fuel Up to Play 60. We only had two days, but we made the most of them!

wk14STEMlab from Kimberly Boyce-Quentin on Vimeo.
K ran 1 1/2 miles each day! Our Eco-Schools Green Hero Campus Clean-Up Crew from Ms. Caro's class did a great job! The Eco-Schools Seedling Club was very excited to see flowers in their pumpkin patch - there might be tiny pumpkins starting on the vines when we get back!

1st -5th grades all ran at least 2 miles each day!

Our Eco-Schools Green Heroes Recycling Team from Ms. Keahy, Ms. Mosquera, and Ms. Nelson were out in force Tuesday taking care of business before the break!

 Ms. Nelson's Eco-Schools Green Hero Garden Guardians have finished painting the beds and are keeping a watchful eye on their salad garden!

Ms. Lavergne's 5th grade class invited Ms. Hernandez's Kinder to come visit their cardboard arcade. It was a huge success! We are so Panther Proud of these students' creativity and hard work.

I cannot wait to see what next week in the STEM lab brings!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Lucky Week Thirteen

Week 13 was jam-packed with activity, special events, and testing, but still managed to feature some truly fantastic student work! Kinder and 5th grade took their CogAT test, we had our Thanksgiving luncheon, there was a 1/2 day, we had our second G/T Expo - Mini Science Fair on November 16th from 9-10, and then Mock Spelling Bee from 11:00-11:30!
See an overview of Mini Science Fair projects HERE.

This week the lab hosted: Ms. Caro, Ms. Pesce, Ms. Keahey, Ms. Noell, Mr. Briceno, Ms. Gentry, and Ms. Lavergne.

STEMweek13 from Kimberly Boyce-Quentin on Vimeo.

Ms. Caro's Kinder Eco-School Green Heroes worked on PSAs for their education campaign! This class made some impressive gains in their class this week and will be moving on to using the BeeBots in their next visit! They accomplished so much that they earned a Free Build Day!

Ms. Pesce's class has made impressive progress in their class! They love the new hints format and the audio help. These tools are hugely beneficial to early English Language Learners! Several groups are ready to move on to programming the BeeBots! They earned a Free Build Day! Our Monarch Heroes closed out the Monarch $ campaign and took to the Panther airwaves to thank everyone for their support!

Second grade was introduced to Scratch programming. It was a real challenge, but they persevered and by Friday were coding games! 2nd grade Eco-Schools Green Heroes sponsored by Ms. Mosquera & Ms. Keahey have taken over the PK-3rd recycling for the campus. We are all Panther Proud of the leadership and initiative these students are showing!

Ms. Noell & Mr. Briceno's class split the week in STEM lab to participate in the Bebras Challenge! We are excited to see our results on the 23rd! The puzzles were very demanding, but our Panthers love a challenge and gave it their all! I have rarely seen such concentration and absolute engagement for so long at a stretch! 

Ms. Gentry's 4th grade took the Bebras Challenge on Tuesday and then got straight to work in their STEM design journals to brainstorm ideas and draft plans for the Cardboard Arcade. We watched the Caine's Arcade video as inspiration, and they truly were inspired! I cannot wait to see what they make!

Ms. Lavergne's 5th grade spent Monday practicing for the Bebras Challenge in the lab. Next they got straight into their design journals to plot out their projects for the Cardboard Arcade Challenge! They raided the MakerSpace's cardboard stash and got right to work! They completed the games on Friday and have issued an invitation to Ms. Hernandez's Kinder to come play next week!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Week Twelve Wrap-Up

This week was filled with amazing student leadership! Our whole student body took part in the campus election run by our poll judges from the Student Lighthouse team assisted by poll-workers from 4th & 5th grade G/T classes.

STEMlabwk12 from Kimberly Boyce-Quentin on Vimeo.

Students demonstrated personal leadership in STEM lab with impressive goals setting, respectful collaboration, and highly productive use of their time. This week the lab hosted Ms. Almanza, Ms. Montoya, Ms. Laws, Mr. Garza, Ms. Nelson, & Mr.Torres' classes.

Ms. Almanza's Kinder Eco-School Green Heroes donated recess time to pick up litter and completed 4 signs for their education campaign! This class made some impressive gains in their class this week and will be moving on to using the BeeBots in their next visit! We can also report that the Pumpkin Patch is thriving!

Ms. Montoya's class has made amazing progress in their class! They love the new hints format and the audio help. These tools are hugely beneficial to early English Language Learners! This class also signed up to join Ms. Leal & Ms. Thormodsgaard's classes as the PSA and education team for our Eco-Schools Green Hero Recycling Team!

Ms. Lugo's class put in their turn as Eco-Schools Green Hero Recycling Team on Wednesday. They enjoyed a free build day in celebration of National STEM Day on Tuesday! Ms. Laws' 2nd grade was introduced to Scratch programming language on Monday and by Friday they were programming their own games!

Mr. Garza's 3rd grade was thrilled to discover the new protractor tool in Course 2. The angles in the Artist stage were a little too challenging sometimes! This has made all the difference for them, and they are tearing through the puzzles now! They also got celebrate National STEM Day with a free build day. This group and Ms. Bailey's 3rd grade participated in the Bebras Challenge as well!

Ms. Giron & Ms. Nelson's 4th grades took the Bebras Challenge on Monday. Ms. Nelson's class also constructed some models to support their Mini Science Fair exhibit next week. They have taken on two Eco-Schools Green Hero leadership roles for the campus - Garden Guardians and Recycling managers for 4th & 5th grade. We are so proud of their initiative and civic spirit!

Mr. Torres' 5th grade spent Monday building up miles for Marathon Kids while Ms. Hatchell's class participated in the Bebras Challenge in the lab. They split their time between Course 3 (where they fell in love with the protractor tool as well!) and the Bebras Challenge. Next rotation will be all about building their cardboard arcade games and then hosting a Kindergarten play day!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Excellent Week Eleven

Another fantastic week! We had Ms. Tran's Kindergarten, Ms. Martinez's 1st grade, Ms.James' 2nd grade, Ms. Mallona's 3rd grade, Ms.Grimaldo's 4th grade, and Ms. Hatchell's 5th grade in the STEM lab this week

stemlab wk11 from Kimberly Boyce-Quentin on Vimeo.

Kinder - Ms. Tran's class did a fantastic job as this week's Eco-Schools Green Hero Clean-Up Crew! They set up two more posters to help educate their fellow Panthers about not littering. These Cub Coders are making amazing progress in Course 1 and have really learned to use our NAVIGATOR/ DRIVER collaboration system to synergize!

1st grade - Ms. Martinez has several students who have only 2 or 3 puzzles left to complete before they finish all of Course 1! First grade also finished up the last week of the Monarch Money campaign and now will decide how to best use the funds they raised to improve our campus habitats!

2nd grade - Ms. James' class did some real-world problem solving to address some difficulties the whole grade-level had had as the Eco-Schools Green Hero Recycling Team. To combat the problem of forgetting where to return the bin, they devised a name clip system using old clothespins. To handle the difficulty of finding your recycling assignment when you don't know where all 60 of the rooms are located they created a map from cardboard and scraps from a recycling bin! Great Thinking, Panthers! They have also now completed 2 projects in Scratch!

3rd grade - Ms. Mallona and Mr. Briceno's classes have constructed some truly amazing catapults for Mini Science Fair! Ms. Bailey's class completed the vocabulary display and everyone worked together building the catapults for the visitors to test the difference in class 1, 2 and 3 levers. Ms. Mallona's class has worked through 1/3rd of's Course 2!

4th grade - Ms. Grimaldo's class has made amazing progress in programming their games in Scratch! They are creating their own 2-player game and learning to add obstacles and helpful commentary into their code. This rotation was their first exposure to Scratch and they LOVED it! I cannot wait to see what they make next unit! Ms. Nelson & Ms. Giron's classes sowed salad greens, radishes, and other fast growing fall/winter seeds in their Eco-Schools Green Hero Garden and set up their indoor sprouting stations with micro greens! These two groups also had a brief introduction to the Bebras Challenge for next week's contest!

5th grade - Ms. Hatchell's class is almost 1/2 finished with Course 3! Additionally they and Ms. Purvey's class practiced for the Bebras Challenge and finished constructing their pulleys for the Mini Science Fair!

Our Schlumberger Coding Club finished several 2-player games in Scratch. Every game had to include bonuses, obstacles, built in instructions for play. Next week students will add voice-overs to the instructions, sound effects, timers and scoreboards. To see more about our Panther Programmers, click on the Coding Club tab.

3-5 Name That Book Club got underway this week! Bella finished her first story and recorded our first book review on the story Roller Girl. She did such a great job that the book's author, Victoria Jamieson gave her a shout out on Twitter! To learn more about our Name That Book Club, click on the NTB tab.