Saturday, September 28, 2013

Phenomenal Fifth Week! Spotlight on: Open House

It was wonderful to get to meet with so many parents! Students were so excited to show off their work and their class room. Those of you were unable to attend (or parents who want access to the web links I shared) can view the presentation by clicking on the 9/23/13 link in the Weekly Wrap-Up list on the sidebar.

Our Constitution Day Video

Please check out the "Constitution Petting Zoo" link under "Our Videos" to see the fantastic profile Mr. Huerta put together about our celebration. He combined interviews, some art work from Ms. Mallona's class, and clips from student docents to make a wonderful overview of the event.
Partnerships between classes and collaborations with amazing teachers, like Mr. Huerta, provide our students with the best learning opportunities!
Thank you again, Mr. Huerta!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our First Public Service Announcements!

We are now Panther TV stars! Our first Public Service Announcements are running in the hallways on the V-Brick TV system and during the morning announcements. We are determined to make Piney Point greener than ever, and these educational advertisements are our first step. To see our recycling videos click on "Recycling PSA #1" and "Recycling PSA #2" under the "Our Videos" tab near the bottom of the page. Stay tuned for more information!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fabulous Fourth Week! Spotlight on: Constitution Day!

We the People of Ms. Boyce’s 4th grade class were Panther Proud to take the lead in our campus celebration of Constitution Day. This day commemorates the creation of our government on September 17, 1787. Students learned about the brave individuals whose writings still form the foundation of the lives we lead today.

We set up a table in the upstairs common area with a reproduction of the constitution, quills, and School House Rock’s “Preamble” video for all the other classes to visit. Every single member of our Piney Point family was encouraged to visit and add their name to the list of 39 original signatures.  To see pictures of our patriotic event click on the 9/16/13 link under Weekly Wrap-Up on the side bar.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Terrific Third Week! Spotlight on: Panther C.L.A.W.s

We are definitely Piney Point Panther Proud, but the conditions on our campus sometimes make us roaring mad! We have decided to take on the problem from several angles. We are volunteering some recess time to picking up trash that makes our beautiful campus unsightly, and we are launching an education campaign to teach everyone to show their Panther Pride and stop littering. We have filmed public service announcements for the campus V-Brick system and made posters to raise awareness. Our next steps include: signing up other classes for clean-up duty and making badges to wear when we are on patrol as C.L.A.W.s (Campus Litter Abatement Wardens). To see our Panther C.L.A.W.s tearing into the problem click on link for 9/9/13 in the Weekly Wrap-Up on the side bar!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Super Second Week! Spotlight on: AM Readers

This week we will focus on a project we just got up and running this past Monday. AM Readers are students who arrive early and present a story time for 1st grade students. They are improving their own fluency and reading abilities while helping the 1st graders learn English, earn AR points, and learn to use time wisely! This is an excellent example of helping yourself while doing something for others! When our students share their gifts and abilities, everyone in the community benefits! To see some of our readers in action, click on the link for 9/2/13 in the Weekly Wrap-Up on the side bar!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fantastic First Week

We got off to a great start this week! Students got acquainted with their teams and settled into the classroom routines right away. The class set up all of their subject area journals, learned to decipher their schedules and assignment pages, and immediately started becoming campus leaders! Everyone has taken on volunteer positions to share their gifts and skills with their fellow Panthers!
Click the "Weekly Wrap-Up" link on the right to see pictures.