Sunday, January 19, 2020

2019-20 STEAM Lab week 18

 A kind of mixed-up crazy schedule week, but students produced some wonderful work!

Monday kicked off with a presentation of Ms. Lee's 4th grader's Season's of a Tree projects for the Administration's Monday Meeting.

Ms. Mulry's 5th grade also came back to the STEAM lab to share their projects with Ms. Thompson's 2nd grade.

Ms. Hernandez’s kinder did a spirited version of Are You My Mother? With the Bee Bots and some fantastic artwork on their story map. They also completed several puzzles in their course.

Ms. Brown’s 1st graders did a great job on their Monarch Migration story map and sung their hearts out during the performance! These Monarch Heroes also did a great job on their this week!

Ms. Giron’s 2nd grade put in some good work on in between work on the Da Camera inspired cuicas!

3rd – 5th had an introduction to the Ozobots, but due to rotating schedules for TELPAS practice they weren’t able to make the Robo-Retell projects. They did get a Free Build and some in though.

It was a completely different set of classes on the half day, but they thoroughly enjoyed a Free Build Friday!

Our Digital Making Club had its kick-off Tuesday and everyone did a great job! 4th & 5th graders teamed up to build the mBots, 3rd grade & 2nd grade got acquainted with Scratch. I am really excited to see what we make!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

2019-20 STEAM Lab week 17

Welcome back to the STEAM Lab 2020 edition!

It was a great start to the new year with Robo-Retells, Reused can cuicas, and new Scratch + Makey Makey projects.
K-5 got reacquainted with their accounts – just two more rotations to try to complete their courses. But we spent most of our time on our projects this week.
Kinder learned to program the Bee Bots then made their own story maps for Are You My Mother by P. D. Eastman. They did a fantastic job on their Robo-Retells and really enjoyed themselves!

These Eco-Schools USA Green Heroes also had a Trash Bash on Thursday. Thank you for taking care of our campus and our planet!

1st grade Monarch Heroes researched the annual migration phenomena via Nat Geo Kids and the Journey North resources. They then created their own mini migration maps and sang the Robo-Retell with the second verse of their theme song.

2nd grade Recycling Heroes revisited their awesome DaCamera Music Encounter “Landfill Harmonic” and made their own repurposed can cuicas. Thanks to Ms. Telfah and her staff in our cafeteria for saving the cans for us! Students painted them and treated themselves (and anyone anywhere near the lab) to an impromptu cuica concert on Friday!

3rd grade learned about the water cycle from BrainPOP Jr., created their own script and water cycle map for the Ozobots to travel. They learned to create the color codes to manage the speed and motion and did a good job making their maps.

K-3 were able to finish in time to squeeze in a Free Build Friday!

4th and 5th grade had much more elaborate projects and weren’t able to wrap them up until Friday. They will be having special presentation slots on Monday because they did such a great job!
4th grade teams of 8 researched the seasonal changes of trees via DK Findout and NWF online. Each pair in the team focused on one season. Each pair then created a script to explain their seasonal change and created a Scratch/ Makey Makey project that shared their explanation along with an animation of their tree changing and also an Ozobot map for a retelling of the story of a year for a tree. The pairs in each team combined their work to put the whole year together.

5th grade teams of 2-6 selected their own topic to investigate on BrainPOP, then split up to create large scale Ozobot Robo-Retell maps and a Scratch/ Makey Makey project to share their learning.

Such an awesome way to start 2020!