Sunday, September 23, 2018

STEAM lab 2018-19 week 4

Students did a great job in their first visit to the STEAM lab this week!

The lab hosted:
Ms. Almanza’s Kindergarten, who learned how to use the laptops and were introduced to
Ms. Montoya’s 1st grade, who finished their Monarch Hero wings and make great progress in their coding course
Ms. Lugo’s 2nd grade, who started Course C in and made posters for recycling! Our 2nd grade team sent classroom artists to make door reminders and start work on hallway posters made from reused materials. They kicked off schoolwide recycling this week!
Ms. Roesch’s 3rd grade, Mr. Torres’ 4th grade, and Ms. Guzman’s 5th grade almost immediately mastered all the new lab procedures and tools! They jumped straight into, and found that the class assignment hyperdoc, goal setting padlet, and Classroom Q gave them a lot more control over their own learning experience!
During G/T Genius hour:
 Ms. Massey’s class wrapped up their Scratch projects, and started work on their display objects – I can’t wait to see their interactive research projects! Ms. Grimaldo & Ms. Martinez’s 4th graders started work on their “Poetree”. They learned about Haiku and then wrote their own about trees on paper leaves. They ground up old crayons to make wax paper fall foliage to showcase their poems.
Looking forward to week 5!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

STEAM Lab 2018-19 week 3

We had to cram 5 days of learning, making, collaborating, and problem solving into just four days again this week, but our Panthers were up to the challenge! 

This week the lab hosted:
Ms. Allende’s Kinder Green Heroes learned all about the problems they face keeping Piney Point green and started working on solutions. They learned to log in to their class with their partners and are already making their own algorithms!
Ms. Dipersio’s 1st grade Monarch Heroes had a very busy week! In STEAM Lab they made their class butterfly for the Journey North Symbolic Migration to Mexico, worked on their wings, AND got started in Course B! They learned to navigate to their class, sign in with a partner, and are already making amazing progress!
Ms. Mosquera’s 2nd grade Recycling Team completed their bin audit and got their classroom recycling assignments. They made posters for their hallways and got to work in Course C. They are old hands at, so they were ready for the new challenges! They love all the new puzzles and are pair programming like champions!
Ms. Guzman’s 3rd grade, Ms. White’s 4th grade, and Mr. Torres’ 5th grade made fantastic progress in, learned to use the new digital goal setting tool - Padlet, and the new digital help tool – Classroom Q, and the new digital Exit Ticket via Scratch and Makey-Makey! 4th grade even found time to paint with the Sphero robots!
Ms. Massey’s 3rd grade G/T class completed step two of their PBL Scratch Pals project – creating their sprite and writing up their research as a conversation! Next week they’ll complete the programming and learn to upload it to online Scratch, use the backpack tool, and import their work into a remixed collaborative project. I can’t wait to see their final products!