Saturday, February 17, 2018

17-18 Week 20

Another big week of Fine Arts, academic excellence, campus-wide celebration, and STEM / STEAM achievement!  Click HERE for scenes from Express Children’s Theater’s wonderful Freedom Train performance.

Click HERE to read about our second No Place For Hate event

Click HERE for a video overview of our No Place For Hate event

Click HERE for an album from our fantastic Family Math & Science Health Fitness Fair

Click HERE to see cast 1 of Ms. Massey's 2nd grade play Sam's Heart

Click HERE to see cast 2 of Ms. Massey's 2nd grade play Sam's Heart

Click HERE to see scenes from the Coding Club at Lyons annual Coding Competicion

All classes worked hard at their courses and we celebrated several graduations this week!
1st grade Monarch Heroes made chromatography and symmetry butterflies combining art with math and science. Ms. Massey’s 2nd grade made a return visit to the lab to tape their G/T Expo play “Sam’s Heart”. 3rd grade grads started work in Scratch, and 4th and 5th grade designed and constructed fantastic cardboard arcade games. The week wrapped up with a Free Build Friday and arcade play day!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

17 -18 Week 19

This was an outstanding week of STEM lab and academic achievement at Piney Point - our 3rd-5th grade Name That Book team competed at M. C. Williams Middle School. Piney Point LOVES Name That Book! Every year we are introduced to fantastic new authors and new titles from old favorites.
Click HERE to see our 3-5 Name That Book team and see student reviews of their favorites from this year’s book list.
PPES STEM Lab 17-18 week 19 from Boyce Teacher on Vimeo.
Everyone K-5 made tremendous progress in the courses this week. We are starting to see a lot of graduates from the 2nd and 3rd grade course!
1st Monarch Heroes made chromatography butterflies and talked about our ambassador butterflies’ return from Mexico, 3rd grade created pop-up card Valentines for their STEM favorites, and 4th and 5th created a wonderful set of #CardboardChallenge arcade games. K-3 enjoyed a Free Build Friday and 4th and 5th were excited to host Ms. Flores’ 1st grade and Ms. Bell’s Kindergarten to their arcades.

We have a big event planned for our second No Place For Hate activity and a whole new crop of classes due in the STEM lab for Units 3’s activities next week – check back and see what we make!