Sunday, May 5, 2019

STEAM Lab 2018-19 Week 32

Such a great week! Campus Cleanups, 3 Cardboard Arcades, Da Camera Music Encounters, Free Build days, Scratch projects, and so much progress.

Kinder Green Heroes gave the outdoor stage area and our rock garden a thorough Spring Cleaning! They collaborated with their partners in the lab to complete multiple levels in and earned a Free Build Day! 
We had 3 different 1st grade classes visit the lab this week. Ms. Pineda’s class worked hard on their course and earned a Free Build Day AND an invitation to Ms. Grimaldo’s 4th grader’s Cardboard Arcade, while Ms. Brown’s class came to play Ms. Mulry’s 5th grade arcade and Ms. Montoya came for Ms. Limon’s group.
Ms. Grimaldo’s 4th grade not only created their Cardboard Arcade, they also were working on a special Scratch music composition program. They also had a special Music Encounter with Da Camera called Decoding Spirituals which they raved about!
Ms. Limon’s group had a shortened week, as Ms. Mulry’s class came Monday to have their arcade play day, but they succeeded admirably in getting their projects made.
All our visiting classes had a fantastic time and it was wonderful to see so much creativity on display!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

STEAM Lab 2018-19 Week 31

Happy Earth Day! At Piney Point we try to treat every day as Earth Day, but this day we do host an annual celebration!

On Monday we officially unveiled all the Earth Day art projects. Students from Ms. Massey’s class were our docents and directed everyone to the work videos. Everyone had a wonderful time and was very impressed by our students’ talent and commitment to our home planet! See the videos HERE

As if Earth Day wasn’t enough excitement for one week, we also participated in the District-wide G/T Expo. We are only allowed 3 projects – which was almost impossible to select as we have so many brilliant students creating so much fantastic work! We presented examples of personal, class, and collaborative projects. David from Ms. Leal’s class and Nabaa and Penelope from Ms. Thormodsgaard’s class represented the school splendidly!

In the lab, we visited the building stations, OSMO, Scratch, and in K-4 and 5th grade started work on their Cardboard Arcade. Unfortunately, I had another commitment on Friday so their play day with Ms. Brown’s class had to be postponed until Monday, but they have turned in some outstanding games!