Name That Book

Name That Book is a competition sponsored by HISD Library Services
Its purpose is to introduce students to a wide range of award winning books. The annual lists each feature 30 books, and I have been impressed with the selections every year! They include classics, the newest notable titles, and work from almost every genre.
Piney Point competes in both the K-2 and the 3-5 contests. Club membership is based on teacher recommendation. Team qualification is based on club participation. Students who are interested must be in good academic standing and exhibit exemplary conduct.

2018-19 K-2

This was a phenomenal team! Encouraged by their classroom teachers, Ms. Leal, Ms. Thormodsgaard, and Ms Brown, supported by the administration, Pre-K and Kinder teams by providing story reading venues and audiences, and promoted by Ms. Lahana and Mr. Huerta in the TV studio, they did outstanding work and established themselves as campus literacy leaders!

K-2 2018-19 book list
3-5 2018-19 book list

Our 2017-18 K-2nd Grade Team

Our 2017-18 3rd-5th Grade Team

See reviews of titles from the 17-18 list:

20170914_144248 from Kimberly Boyce-Quentin on Vimeo.

2015-16 3-5 

at the 2015-16 K-2 contest