Eco-Schools is a program designed and managed by the National Wildlife Federation . The NWF is the largest private, nonprofit conservation education and advocacy organization in the United States. They offer a wide array of educational products and programs to inspire and empower children to become advocates for their own natural heritage. Piney Point is proud to partner with them on several initiatives!

2021 Symbolic Migration

Every year our Monarch Heroes participate in the Journey North Symbolic Migration thanks to the generous sponsorship of our PTO. Our students create paper ambassador butterflies and a class folder to send to Mexico for the winter. Each spring we receive butterflies from all over the United States and Canada. 

You can read more about this fantastic program HERE

21-22 Green Heroes

21-22 Monarch Heroes


20-21 Green Heroes


20-21 Monarch Heroes


Earth Day 20-21

Family Garden pARTy Events

We are holding these to keep our Panthers involved in their habitats and also to make up for the work lost when we went to virtual learning in the spring.

2nd Green Flag!

We are delighted to announce that our Green Heroes have done it again! Through the hard work of hundreds of students Piney Point has achieved this most prestigious award from the National Wildlife Federation for the second time. We are making plans for our award ceremony and will announce the specifics and send out invitations as soon as we can!

Earth Day 2019

Kinder Mural

1st grade Mural

2nd grade Mural

3rd/ 4th grade collaboration

5th grade Mural

gARTen Party

2019-19 Monarch Heroes

Congratulations to our Mayor's Proud Partner award recipients!

Monarch Money - video courtesy of Mr. Huerta

Symbolic Migration

Earning Our Wings 2018-19!

Earth Day 2018


PPES Kinder Earth Day 2018 from Boyce Teacher on Vimeo.


PPES 1st grade Earth Day 2018 from Boyce Teacher on Vimeo.


PPES 2nd grade Earth Day 2018 from Boyce Teacher on Vimeo.

PPES 3rd grade Earth Day 2018 from Boyce Teacher on Vimeo.

PPES 4th grade Earth Day 2018 from Boyce Teacher on Vimeo.


PPES 5th grade Earth Day 2018 from Boyce Teacher on Vimeo.

The culmination of three years dedication and hard works by hundreds of our student Green Heroes! We are so very proud of their epic achievement! Visit our Eco-Schools dashboard HERE 

Read the event profile from HISD's News Blog HERE

credit to Ms. Brown for the video

Fall Panther Planet Protector Update

Panther Planet Pals September from Kimberly Boyce-Quentin on Vimeo.


Eco-Schools provides a framework for schools to pursue conservation and sustainability. The students assume important campus leadership roles and direct the program. This dovetails beautifully with our Leader In Me philosophy! The work we do on the pathways also helps us support the HISD Energy and Sustainability department's mission. Learn more about their pathways, goals, and resources here


Great news, Panthers! Our Green initiatives have received a tremendous boost from an HISD Nutrition Services waste reduction pilot program. When we did our waste audits, we found that the bulk of our trash is food related. Every day our cafeteria provides breakfast and lunch for over 1100 students! That is an impressive achievement, but it generates a staggering amount of trash – more than 1000 Styrofoam trays every day, plastic utensils, the wrappers from plastic utensils, the packaging from breakfast items, napkins, straws, milk cartons, juice boxes, and then there is the food waste!

Kerry Flickner from FSS demonstrates
 Styogenie operation to Ms. Adams,
 Ms. Telfah, and staff from Nutrition Services

We owe our wonderful new
Styrogenie  to the efforts of
HISD Energy and Sustainability
and HISD Nutrition Services 
We are thrilled to announce that we will not be sending any more trays to the landfill! A Styrogenie from Foodservice Sustainability Solutions was installed this week and today Ms. Adams, Ms. Telfah, and I were trained in its operation! 

This used to be 600 EPS
 trays! .
This machine will reduce our gigantic stacks of  EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam trays to a 1-2 inch thick sheet of densified foam material. These blocks will be collected and rendered back into the base resource oil to be reused for new products. It is a zero waste solution to our disposable lunch tray problem!

We are working on other new procedures for breakfast disposal to help us cut down on even more waste! Each thing we do to reduce our waste volume has so many benefits! We save money on waste removal and trash bags, we save time and effort, and we reduce the amount of garbage in landfills! We are so excited to have these new partners in our quest to be even cleaner and greener! 

Sunflower Stars

We welcome our Pre-Kindergartners to the Green Hero fold! Our littlest Panther Cubs love the earth too and they will be doing their part by installing and caring for the campus sunflower gardens!

Green Heroes - Litter Less Leaders 

We are Panther Proud to sign on with Eco-Schools  International's Litter Less Campaign this year!

This program is spearheaded by our fantastic Kinder Team. These students are dedicated Panther Planet Protectors and take their leadership role very seriously! They are running a four-step campaign and rolling out a new initiative every 9 weeks, Click HERE to see our project yearbook.

Click the links to see our PSAs:
Ms. Allende's Class
Ms. Almanza's Class
Ms. Bell's Class
Ms. Caro's Class
Ms. Colmenero's Class
Ms. Hernandez's Class
Ms. Tran's Class

Green Heroes - Recycling

This essential campus leadership role has been taken on by two 2nd grades and a 4th grade. These students have assigned classes and make sure that the bins have ONLY recyclable material when they collect them each week. 2nd grade made all the campus informational signage from reused and up-cycled materials! Click HERE to see these Green Heroes at work!

                  Monarch Heroes

2017 Journey North Symbolic Migration

A quick peek at what we're working on now!

See our Monarch Heroes recognized in the HISD News Blog here

Check out the profile of our program in the Employee Spotlight on HISD Energy and Sustainability's Blog here

See our program highlighted in the National Wildlife Federation's Blog here
Also on the Eco-School Blog here

Spotlighted on HISD's Facebook page here

Featured on The Leader in Me's Facebook page here

Healthy Living

Our healthy living initiatives fall under three groups:

Marathon Kids 

Piney Point is the largest Marathon Kids Running Club. This outstanding program incentivizes personal goal setting, daily exercise, and the benefits of running. Every student at Piney Point is a proud Marathon Kid! They all complete a minimum of 4 marathons (104.8 miles!) during the school year. Teachers are equally enthusiastic and can be seen daily taking laps with their students!
Visit their website HERE
Scenes from this year's kickoff celebration :

Fuel Up to Play 60

This program is sponsored by the NFL and the National Dairy Council to promote healthy living - especially in the areas of nutrition and exercise. Piney Point has a 12 person 4th ambassador team that manages our FUTP60 activities.

Visit their website HERE

HISD Nutrition Services

HISD Nutition Services provides 3 meal a day at Piney Point. We have the Breakfast in the Classroom program, standard school lunch program, and now offer a dinner service. This department is now piloting the Styrogenie program at 6 campuses in an effort to minimize waste related to feeding more than 200,000 students!
Visit their webpage HERE 

iEARN Eco-Campus Partnership

We were so excited to be offered an opportunity to pair with a school in Taiwan! Our Monarch Heroes were so successful that they were invited to participate in a global partnership program through iEARN. Our partner school, Tu Niou Primary School in Taichung City, Taiwan and our first grade will be working on a collaborative environmental project to support our quest for the Green Flag!

You can see our Introduction video below:

See our other exchanges in the Eco-School links!

Sustainable Food Teams 

This Pathway is a joint effort between our Kinder Garden Seedling Club and our 4th grade Garden Guardians! 
This year Kinder is growing a pumpkin patch for Fall Semester and a Watermelon Patch for Spring Semester!
4th grade put in a salad garden for fall and had a good crop of lettuces and spinach. Our radishes, scallions, and herbs did not perform up to expectations, but they plan to try again in the spring. At that time they will add peas, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers to the mix!
Check back for a video slideshow soon!


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