Panther Programmers is our competition team sponsored by Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development. These are students who have shown an interest or aptitude for coding.

Every K-5th student at Piney Point takes takes basic programming courses in the STEM Lab. An invitation to join the team recognizes the superior effort and commitment of individual students who seek every opportunity to improve their coding skills.

2017-18 Lyons Coding Competition

2017-18 Coding Club Calendar

2015-16 Panther Programming Club at Lyons ES Scratch Contest

The club meets once a week and is dedicated to developing mastery of the Scratch universe! Students are given either large-scale design challenges (create multi-player games meeting a set of criteria) or practice contest packets to work through in their teams.

Members are strongly encouraged to ask parents to sign them up for a free personal account to use at home).
a 2nd grade team

Jason & Oscar bring home 2nd place
 in the advanced division!
In 2015-16 we attended a fall (Dulles HS) and a spring (Lyons ES) contest.
In 2016-17 we attended two contests as well (Lyons ES and Lockhart ES) and showcased our projects at Piney Point's family STEM Night.

Team membership is open to 2nd-5th grade students who show initiative and determination in completing coding courses and demonstrate outstanding academic performance and exemplary behavior.
Hoping you will be joining us this year!